Phases of the Moon

Phases of the Moon

Do you also feel the phases of the moon on your behavior, the behavior of others, and the things that simply happen around you?

  • New moons are normally the ones that foster a new beginning. They also fill you with limitless possibilities for the next couple of weeks. Now, it is up to you to use those to your advantage. It is the time to plant seeds of what you wish to harvest later and setting the intention. Simply make an extensive to-do list of activities that you need to cross off during the time of a particular moon. In our household, new moons hold the strongest emotionally. It is my modest and very subjective opinion, but those observations normally hold true.
  • Crescent moons are for letting yourself feel with all of your being. It brings about new energy, and you have all the powers to conceptualize your ideas. It is the perfect opportunity to write down and communicate your plans of action and ideas. It is moreover the time that creativity flows freely.
  • The first quarter moon gives you the time to sprout action. Keep moving onward, putting your ideas, and plans into action. This period signals strength and commitment, so use them to your best advantage. Also, get the momentum rolling and challenge yourself a little. You are definitely capable of more than your brain lets you believe.
  • Gibbous moon or waxing moon is preparing you for action. Therefore, sit back a little, take time to relax, and place trust in the hands of the universe. Whatever you will do next will have a powerful manifestation. At the same time, this is the phase for refining and editing your work while practicing patience.

  • The full moon that follows brings the peak of energy much joy and gratitude and makes you celebrate. It is time for you to harvest your intentions. While on the opposite end, you can also start releasing things that don’t support your intentions anymore. 
  • It leads us to a disseminating waxing gibbous moon when you absorb all the revelations that the full moon brought about and take the time to practice gratitude. Now, you’ll see the picture more clearly, and after the accomplished tasks, have the ease to practice gratitude. It is also the perfect opportunity to nurture others. 

  • Then, the last quarter moon serves you like a breakdown of the actions you have taken to this point. Take time to surrender to the good that you have done up until now in this moon. It is also the time when you keep letting go of things that don’t serve you.
  • The balsamic or waxing crescent moon allows you the time to rest, reflect, and contemplate. It gives you the time of peace to prepare you to plant new seeds at the next new moon. Let your intuition guide you to your future intentions.

To also let you in on a secret (it’s not a big deal, and you might already know it), the phases of the moon coincide with the phases of your menstrual cycle. Apply them to both and see how productive they leave you.

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